What Is The Difference Between Dating Latino Men And White Guys?

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In the dating world, you will meet Latino men and white guys at the same time. Whether you’re new to dating these types of men or you consider yourself a veteran, there are Latino men have differences from white men and vice versa. It is true that how men treat their women depend on the cultural background of men. Therefore, is it much better to date a white guy or a Latino?

Reserved VS Intimate

When dating Latino men, there is a level of intimacy that you do not necessarily have when you are with white guys. They are romantic, affectionate, open doors, and typically have manners. On contrary, white guys are usually more reserved, not always as observant, and a bit cold.

Latino Men Protect Their Girlfriends

According to some girls who have dated both Latino men and white guys, they conclude that Latino men are much caring in comparison to white men. For instance, when you are walking down the street with a Latino guy, he will insist that you walk on the inside of a sidewalk, it makes a big impact. This shows that he cares because he does not want you to get hit by a vehicle and he takes charges as well.

All about the Spice

Latino men are full of passion, fiery, and always like to take care of their women. Unless you are dating a celebrity, you will not always get that sizzle with white guys. White men are laid back and they allow their woman to take charge. Their whole concept of perfect date can be watching football games at the dive bar. Although this doesn’t apply to all white guys out there, but it’s what most women have experienced with white guys and it isn’t always sexy.

Latino Men Protect Their Women Like Protecting Their Mother

Latino men are not perfect. They can be jealous and machista at times, yet all because for good intentions. A lot of people protect their women as if they’re protecting their mother and in terms of Latino men, nothing’s more important compared to their mother. When dating a Latino guy, you will not just get the man, but also their mother.

Which is Better?

You have to remember that not every man is the same. There are Latino men who lack manners, dry, and don’t often show affection. There are also white men who will only wine and dine women. There are always exceptions to the rules. Nevertheless, in the battle between dating the white men and Latino men, Latinos are way better than white guys.

However, sometimes, it’s hard to jump to conclusions as it depends on one’s preferences for men. If you like someone who is affectionate and would care for you always, Latino men are best for you. But, if you want a casual relationship, you can give white guys a try. Overall, it is up to you if you will choose a Latino guy or a white guy to date.

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