10 Things Men Should Never Do When Dating a Latino Woman

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date a latino womanHave you been smitten by the beauty of a Latino woman? Well, you are not alone. Known for their exquisite beauty, these ladies are famous among men of all races.

But, before you go out and date one, there are several things you must never, ever do if you don’t want to risk being ignored or worse, hated by these beauties.

  • Call Her Mami

    Nothing is sexy with the thought of possibly sleeping with a man who calls you “mom” in the first place. No, no. Latino ladies don’t like it even a bit.

  • Mispronounce a Latino Woman’s Name

    It doesn’t matter if the woman you want to go out with has a super hard to pronounce name. If you cannot say her name right, don’t expect that she will be willing to give you her number. As much as possible, spend some time to learn how to pronounce it instead of guessing how to say it.

  • Fail to Learn Portuguese or Spanis

    Even when the woman you are dating is not that eloquent with the language or doesn’t speak it often at all, there’s a big chance that her tio or abuelita does. This is the reason why it is a must to understand the language. Aside from that, not knowing any Spanish at all will make you end up being the source of laughter among her cousins.

  • Take Her Family for Granted

    Dating a Latina often means dating her whole family. So, make sure you know everyone’s birthdays, anniversaries and event ovulation schedules.

  • Be a Controlling, Jealous Man

    Forget what you have heard. Majority of Latinas never put up with the lame machistas, though if the media convinces you that they are submissive and obedient to their men. If you like someone who will always obey you, go find a dog.

  • Ask Her to Pick Between You and Her Precious Mother

    It might be cute that you think you have a shot in hell at winning. The Latinas are die or ride for their mamis and this works both ways, so you will always lose that battle. If you have a problem, consider talking to your girlfriend regarding this and work it with one another.

  • Ask Your Mami to Call You Papi

    It is like what an actor said, you’re not the father, so you should stop asking her to call you dad.

  • Decline the Food of Your Girlfriend’s Grandmother

    In the culture of Latinas, turning down the food of someone is the same as spitting on their face. Never spit on the face of the grandmother of your girlfriend.

  • Introduce Her As Your Girlfriend Formally

    Introducing your partner as a Puerto Rican girlfriend is an easy and quick way to be her ex-boyfriend.

  • Blame The Latin Temper for Anything

    The tempers of Latin people are a stereotype. Once you messed up and they get mad, take full responsibility for it and never ever blame it on the temper of Latins.

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